Siberian Chaga Mushroom
Siberian Chaga Mushroom
Chaga Mushroom
Ancient King of Herbs
Chaga mushroom conk
As a folk medicine, Chaga was ingested by the local people of the Siberian mountain regions in tea or powder form, inhaled from smoke, and applied to the skin for healing of injury or rash.
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Nature's Miracle

Many medicinal mushrooms are known for its immuno potentiating effects, but David Winston, a renowned herbalist claims “Chaga is probably one of the strongest, if not the strongest we know” Chaga “has an advantage no other fungus has, that it contains Betulinic acid”. Betulinic acid has demonstrated strong anti tumor activity with virtually no side effects and no toxicity. Very cost effective compared to other edible Basidiomycetes mushrooms (between US$ 1.00 to 2.00 per day), assuming one liter per day concoction drunk just like a herbal tea